Destino No Turístico is an ecological-educative project in Puerto Guadal, Chilean Patagonia.

We propose a new design of tourism which means a cross-cultural experience, equal to equal, a place for learning, experiencing and being inspired with new ideas, a place where be motivated to take a further step towards sustainability.

We exist because there are travellers (“no tourists”) who take the time to know the region and its people, those travellers who are concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint and who are interested in organic agriculture, renewable energies, solar cooking, recycling, permaculture…

Staying in Destino No Turístico means to be more responsible with the Planet,
to connect with regional culture, to support local economy…
so, in other words, to become a slow traveller…

e-mail: info@destino-noturistico.com
Address: Camino Laguna La Manga 1,5 km. - Puerto Guadal